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Slow Waltz (Modern Waltz, Engelsk Waltz)

Waltz is one of the five dances in the Standard (or Modern) category of the International Style ballroom dances. It was previously referred to as slow waltz or English waltz. Waltz is usually the first dance in the dancesport competition rounds. It is danced exclusively in the closed position, unlike its American Style counterpart. The Waltz originated as a folk dance from Austria. Predecessors include the matenick and a variation called the furiant that were performed during rural festivals in Bohemia. The French dance, “Walt”, and the Austrian Ländler are the most similar to the waltz among its predecessors.” (Ur wikipedia)

Slow Waltz Right Foot change
Slow Waltz Left Foot change
Slow Waltz changes forward
Slow Waltz changes backward
Slow Waltz Natural Turn
Slow Waltz Whisk gentlemen
Slow Waltz Whisk lady
Slow Waltz Chasse from Promenade Position gentlemen
Slow Waltz Chasse from Promenade Position lady

Fortsättningsgrupp. Slingor

Slinga 1. Gentlemen
Slinga 1. Lady
Slinga 2. Gentlemen
Slinga 2. Lady

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